Hey there! At Elite Affordable Movers, we’re all about supporting our community. We understand that things can get pretty stressful, especially during these uncertain times – that’s why we’d love to lend a hand with any unexpected moves you might have to make! Take a moment to scroll down and see just what we’re all about. We can’t wait to help make your move a breeze!

The A-Team

Move over stress and make way for our stellar team that’ll make your move a breeze! Worried about your fragile items? Pshh, leave that to us! We handle everything with delicate hands. So sit back, relax and let us handle the heavy lifting. Who said moving had to be a pain? Trust us, once we’re done, you’ll be popping bottles in your new place before you know it!

Our Mission

At Elite Affordable Movers, our mission is to provide our community with top-quality, affordable moving services. We prioritize care and precision, ensuring no items are damaged during the move. Our goal is to be a trusted, honest, and reliable partner for our customers, fostering an atmosphere of security and affordability in the moving process.

Meet The Team

Joshua Dickun

Meet Joshua – the Navy veteran turned moving expert and trained boxer! With 20 years of experience in the moving business, Joshua knows how to pack a punch. But that’s not all – his military and boxing background instilled in him the core values of honor, courage, and commitment which he brings to the table when working with the community. Trust us, Joshua is no stranger to discipline and hard work. So, whether you’re looking to move across town or across the country, you can be sure that Joshua will have your back and will go above and beyond to make sure your move is a knockout success!

Melanie Spurgeon

Meet Melanie – the wonder woman of our office! With over 20 years of customer service experience and a teacher certification to boot, she’s the epitome of multi-faceted talent. Her heart is as big as her skill set, and she’s always happy to lend a hand. Need help with a project? Melanie’s got you covered. Need a listening ear? Melanie’s there to vent to. Honestly, if there’s anything this lovely lady can’t do, we have yet to discover it. So if you’re lucky enough to work with Melanie, you know you’re in good hands!


Krystal has been cleaning professionally since 2021, but has been a cleaning fanatic her entire life. She believes a clean home gives one a sense of relief and ease from stress. Sometimes we may not have the time to give our homes the cleaning attention it needs due to our busy schedules. You can count on Krystal to meet that need and always go above and beyond to make sure your home is Krystal clean.


Elite Affordable Movers we are not only 23% lower than most of the local competition but make moving 46% Easier with us! On top we have NO HIDDEN FEES what-so-ever!

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